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Mathematical engineering & DSP

Some of our customers:

“When we looked for a partner to design and implementation the digital signal processing functionalities of our flagship Xonar Essence One digital to analog converter / headphone preamp, Digimath was a natural choice. Their proven track recorded and experience in audio DSP is unequalled and they delivered our project on time, within budget and to our utmost satisfaction. We will collaborate again in the future.”

Ives Chiu, Senior Product Manager, ASUS Multimedia Business Unit

“… Digimath’s expertise in DSP is unparalleled and has been a cornerstone of several of Cambridge Audios recent digital audio products. Always a pleasure to work with. …”
Matthew Bramble, Technical Director, AudioPartnership

"We worked with DIGIMATH on various projects, including definition and execution of our innovative Immersive Audio Processor hardware. DIGIMATH has always been a reliable partner, holding up to its promises, keeping time-line and cost within the predicted bounds. On SHARC, DIGIMATH helped us optimize code to a degree that we were able to use only one DSP, as opposed to the expected two.”

Christof Faller, CEO, Illusonic

Implementation partners:


Digimath is proud to be part of Analog Devices's Third Party Collaborative network of DSP specialists.

Digimath recommends ABC-PCB and Swiss Audio Technick for audio related electronics and software design

Research partners:

Within the scope of its collaboration with the University of Applied Sciences of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI), Digimath is deeply involved in the System Designer rapid prototyping and multi-thread/core/processor simulation tool.


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